Paul H. Strey

Family Law Lawyer – Divorce, Child Support & Child Custody

Paul H. Strey | Divorce Attorney

Direct Phone: (651) 294-2023 ext. 3

Paul has considerable experience in Family Law and Civil Litigation that he brings to every case. His service -oriented approach always puts his clients’ goals at the center of his representation.

Prior to joining Priest Hill Law Firm team, Paul worked in the Dakota County Attorney’s Office, Child Support Enforcement Division. Through this, he has intricated knowledge of appellate law, custody, paternity, and child support related issues.

For our team, Paul works closely with our clients from the initial consultation through to the end of our representation. He is compassionate while potential clients are very emotional. He is the voice of reason explaining in detail the process ahead if they proceed with the firm and helps in setting realistic expectations and the costs and time involved

Paul is also well-versed in mediation, having attended numerous mediations on behalf of his clients and firmly believing that a collaborative solution often leads to best possible results. Paul brings knowledge and factors in his clients’ best interests in reaching a resolution. Many of Paul’s mediations are ended with an agreement to avoid more court appearances and costs to the client.

Paul attended Law School at the University of Minnesota, where he graduated cum laude in 2021. He joined the Minnesota State Bar Association in October of 2021.

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